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drquek 10-07-2007 02:33 AM

Main Features of Tiger eContent Manager
This is a special viral software which combines the work of five Software ie,

1. A PDF creator,
2. An ebook organiser,
3. An outsource planner,
4. A calendar and
5. A project planner.

A full description of the product is available here.

In brief, below are the main features of this software:

1. Your ebook and article creator (Write you ebooks or articles in various formats including Word, RTF, Text or HTML. Covert them into PDF format with password protection or disallow printing and saving.)

2. Your ebook and article organiser (Quickly search through your own/purchased ebooks and articles. Automatically scan your PC for ebooks and articles. Classify your content into rights, niche and categories. Keep track of all your resell rights for your purchases. Record who you purchased the products from, their contact details and the price you paid. Compare your ebooks/articles for duplicates.)

3. Your outsource planner and record book. (Record who you outsource your work to including the types of work, their contacts, the price you pay and an archive of the finished files. Keep track of all phone calls or correspondence with outsourcing contractors.)

4. Your calendar (Reminds you of important tasks e.g., to renew your domain registration or to pay for your web hosting. Keep tracks of your appointments both online and offline. Plan your holidays, etc)

5. Your Online Project Planner (A planner for your online project. Create project tasks such as website design, ghostwriting, cover design, sales letter for each project. Manage multiple projects from the timeline view if you are working on several niches.)

In addition you can backup all Books, Articles, Projects, Project Tasks, Reminders, Purchased Content all with one button click.

The software is also a viral tool as it display an ad linked to your website. You can sell the software (if you have the resale right). Everytime someone uses your software, they will see your ad.

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